Hello, gorgeous! 


I'm Vanessa...


...and I am in the business of empowering women. 

All women.  Yes, even you.

The sexiest woman is a confident woman.  She is beautiful in an effortless, joyful, badass way... from the inside out.  

She is every woman.  

I believe that boudoir is for everybody (and EVERY BODY!) It is my mission to photograph women in such a way that anyone looking at the images is in awe of the the subject's femininity, confidence, and beauty... Even if the photos are your own.  

I believe you should do this for yourself... gift giving is just a bonus.  I believe these images are meant to be shown off... there is no feeling like seeing your stunning self up on your own walls every single day. 

You'll believe that, too, once I'm done with you!

Let me show you how amazing you are.