Hello gorgeous!!

First of all - thank you for encouraging other women by sharing your images and experience. MUAH!

My boudoir business thrives on word of mouth and being able to share images for others to see. Rest assured that I value your privacy and that your images are safe with me. With that said, I would love permission to use select images from your session in marketing materials and on my website.

The release below allows you to choose where your images could be used, and also allows you to choose anonymous or full rights (which means you might be identifiable in images) I am very selective of website/blog images and also very strict with images I post on social media.

If you would like to have a blog feature on the website (YAY!) I would absolutely love to share your experience for other women who are nervous about their sessions. These can also be kept anonymous.

Please complete the form below and you will receive emails shortly: one for the model release and another for the blog feature questionnaire.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions or concerns.

Thank you!!